How to get feedbacks from customers | Feedbackvote

For betterment of the company a regular feedback from customers are important. There are few steps if the company follow that it will maintain the flow of feedback from customers; After service: Providing good and effective after service to the customer will keep them satisfied and motivate them to provide feedback from time to time. Regular updates: Customers should be regularly updated about the status of their feedback and how the company is going to utilize the feedback vote. Data Maintenance: Feedback or data collected from the customers should be properly secured and maintained so that it can be accessed in the future. Nowadays many service providers are there which not only gather the feedback by also maintain them on behalf of the company. Positive Attitude: A negative feedback should be also accepted with a positive attitude as it helps in the betterment of the company.

Customer Feedback Matric - Feedbackvote

Managing feedbacks is becoming more & more important for companies now a day. These feedbacks can be measured on different parameters like volume of feedbacks, numbers of new customers feedback System, time consumed for providing feedback etc. Thus, measuring the feedback provided by customers on different parameters is known as Customer Feedback Matric. Advantage: 1.Future planning: the matric helps the company to recognize the positive and negative things about the product or services and can plan for the betterment of the same. 2.Retaining and Acquiring: with continues customer feedback management, the existing customers are retained and also new customers are acquired, as the matric provides the ratio of satisfied and non-satisfied customers. The services can be improved and customers flow can be improved. Disadvantage: 1.Reliable : sometimes feedback is not receive in the given time period, the feedback matric does not provide the

Few Important questions for Customer Feedback System

While preparing a questionnaire for feedbacks many times important questions are missed. These questions bring out the hidden thoughts of the feedback provider. Some times it becomes more important as they are considered the basic questions of the questionnaire. Following are some of the questions that should be included in any online feedback questionnaire.
1. Is the concern product or services was provided/delivered on time? – asking this question will make the feedback provider feel that the company is concern about their time.
2. Was all the detail about the product or service provided during a product demonstration or providing services? – the reply of this question will provide the few more thing which could be included in product or service demonstration.
3. Suggestions? – answers of this question will confirm the satisfaction level of the customer and will also provide a suggestion for the betterment of the product

How to use feedbacks in development of the products

>Only getting feedbacks from the customers are not necessary, it is also important that to use those feedbacks for the development of product or service. It is not possible that all the customers will like the product or services every time. Below are few steps how any kind of feedback can be used for the development of the product or services.
1. Organizing the data: the feedback provided by the customer is not in a not unique form. After going through the feedback they should be segregated in different parameters like satisfied, not satisfied, reasons, future prospects and so on
2. Updating: once the data is organized it should be updated to the team which can analyze the factors related to the dissatisfaction of the customers and how can it be removed.
3. Feedback to the customers: Once the things are sorted out customers should be updated about how the company is utilizing their Product Feedback Software

How to choose feedback management tools

A very big question for the companies arise when they think of using a feedback manage tool, i.e. which one to choose. there are many feedback management companies that provide these services, choosing anyone in these many is very difficult. Below are a few points which can be considered while selecting a feedback management tool.
Pricing: some companies provide these services without any charges and some chargeable, providing a different kind of packages to the clients
User-friendly: The tool should be user-friendly. It should be easily used not only by the company but also by the clients as well.
Methodology: It is important to know the method the software or the tool used to collect the feedbacks.
After service: whatever the case is buying out the software or hiring a feedback management tool provider is the right choice, it is a user-friendly can collect any type of feedback required by

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